About Us

: BDS Projects India Private Limited (BDS) is India's leading Engineering and Contracting Solutions Provider

Resources - Our People

BDS' strength lies in its highly experienced, skilled, talented and motivated team of engineers and supervisors specializing in every service that our company offers, be it contracting expertise, material supply or consulting. The team possesses a wealth of knowledge gained by experience and learning on a wide variety of projects. We have the requisite technical expertise to provide the right solutions for your needs in projects of any kind and any scale. As a concrete support to the in-house experts, we have a strong network of consultants, labour contractors and highly skilled workers. With their combined and unerring effort, BDS makes for excellent service.

  • Decisive functionality

    BDS is a well structured, professionally run organization. While the senior management at the head office plan out every detail required for systematic execution and co-ordination at different locations, managers and employees on-site are empowered to take suitable, project-centered decisions, so that local problems do not hold up the project for want of a decision, or the absence of any one individual.

  • Supplementary services

    Our field staff is supported by a strong central team manning essential functions like purchase, accounts, central stores, administration, etc.

  • Wholesome commitment

    Together, the BDS team has the dedication, ability and experience to take responsibility of each project- from planning to completion, and constantly endeavours to deliver beyond commitments, and satisfy beyond expectations.