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Resources - Equipment List

BDS can provide all the requisite equipment and scaffolding material required for carrying out the projects it undertakes. Specialized large equipment like cranes, earthmovers etc., where needed, are hired for the duration of the requirement. A partial list of our equipment is given below:

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  • Partial list of Machinery
  • Partial list of Scaffolding Material
1Bosch Demolition Hammer (GSH-16/30)3
2Bosch Demolition Hammer (GSH-11E)45
3Bosch Chipping Hammer ( GSH-388)30
4Electrex Drilling Machine9
5Bosch Drilling Machine50
6Bosch Grinding Machine60
7Bosch Wood Cutter Machine13
8Fischer Grouting Gun10
9Grouting Pump30
10Water Pump30
11Half Bag Mortar Mixer Machine20
12One Bag Mortar Mixer Machine2
13Three Bag fully Automatic Concrete Batch Plant1
14Concrete Vibrator20
15Needle for Vibrator45
16Shutter Vibrator2
17Sand Washing & Screening Machine2
18Mini Winch4
19Builders Hoist Machine (20 HP)2
20Air Compressor5
21Automatic Level2
22Welding Machine (300.AMP)7
23Spray Hand Pump25
24KPY Orbiral Sander1
25Electrex Blower30
26Bosch High Pressure Washer1
27De-Watering Submerstble Type Pump1
28Graco EXP-2 Plural spray Machine (Nucote)2
29Earth Compoctor2
30CTP 1200 Compression Machine1
31Webac Electrical Operated Pump1
32ChemGrout Micro Concrete Grounting Pump1
34ELCOMETER' G 118-2 (Moisture Meter)2
35Stirrer with Chuck Adaptor22
36Webac Electrical Operated Pump1
1H Frames (2.4 x1.2m))4715
2Cross Braces (35 x 35x 5)5562
3M.S.Planks (2700 x 300 )402
4Base Plates (Adjustable)206
5Couplers (Fixed)1087
6Couplers (Swivel)12422
7Stubs - 1.2 Mtrs. (4'-3")158
8Stubs - 2.0 Mtrs. (6'-9")461
9Stubs - 2.4 Mtrs. (7'-10")420
10Stubs - 3 Mtrs. (10')886
11Stubs - Mix329
1240 MM NB Pipe 20 Ft Long4251
13M.S.Pipe Mix 2' 4' 6' 7' 8' 10'850
14M.S. Jacks (Prpos)547
15M.S. Jacks (Prpos) 4.5 Mtr1420
16Stirrup (Adjustable)517
17U' Head 0.160 mtr400
18Scaffolding Wheels420
19Shuttering Plate (3' x 2')534
20Shuttering Plate (3' x 1')98
21Acro Span 2.5 x 2.5 mtr100
22Wood Planks407